Op Ed: Is Hillary Clinton trustworthy?

I was recently interviewed and asked if I that Hillary Clinton is trustworthy and I answered honestly that “ yes, I do believe that she is of high moral character and is trustworthy because I would not be publicly supporting her if I did not believe this.” Mr. Trump’s derogatory nickname of “Crooked Hillary” seems witty and pretty much goes unchallenged at times but what exactly is he asserting when he uses the word “crooked”.

As a former public school teacher who taught junior high grammar and vocabulary, I thought I should look up the definition of “crooked”; an adjective with word meanings of : unprincipled, corrupt, fraudulent, venal, nefarious, criminal and illegal. Instead of finding this comical or cute, I consider it to be inaccurate and bordering on slanderous. Why? Considering that Republicans have tried for 25 years and spent millions of dollars to catch her in any activities that are corrupt, fraudulent, illegal or criminal, they have not been able to prove any such thing. If Trump was being held to the same standard that the Republicans hold Hillary, he would have to change his nickname for her to “Exonerated Hillary” If this seems naïve or pandering, read further here:



From my interaction with Hillary’s work when she was Secretary of State and from my own unique personal connection with her through close mutual friends who have known her personally for years, I do not believe that Hillary Clinton is “crooked” and neither should you and here are two web news links you should check out that are sobering and you may ask, why do you use the word “sobering’? Perhaps it is because I believe that the American public is drunk with the consumption of news outlets, blogs and social media that many times has a biased agenda to push forward which simply means that their sources of information are at best questionable and at worst, the very word that Donald Trump likes to use so often, “crooked.” I acknowledge that Hillary is a “politician” and has survived that challenging scene juggling and regrouping and yes even, admitting that she has made mistakes, but labels of being crooked and untrustworthy are grossly unfair and misleading.

I say this from my observations of her from her days as First Lady and observations of mutual friends that we shared in Christian Bible Study groups in Washington, D.C. and also more recently when I worked with her offices when she was a Senator and Secretary of State.

I have had some very unique opportunities to observe her out of the public eye in the work that I have done in Africa this past decade when there were not any cameras or political benefits to her career. I believe that “Sister Hillary”, as she is called in Africa, is an authentic committed follower of Christ that has gracefully dealt with what I believe is an unfair and unjustified agenda to discredit her. I ask, “ Do Americans really think that Hillary could have been cleared and vindicated as she has been in so many attempts to “get her” if she was the evil crooked person that Donald Trump proposes?

People who know her best know that she is genuinely a committed Christian Believer who has been an amazing daughter, wife, mother, friend and a public servant since her high school days.

Please keep in mind that news coverage you hear usually is much more complicated than a soundbite can adequately inform you and that there are many times motivations and personal agendas in reporting and I think the email server is a good example.

Almost every government office I have ever worked with these past 20 years has provided me with a personal email address outside the state department servers because of filters that delay or block communication. From the very beginning of the email controversy, I understood what and why Hillary wanted a way to communicate that would avoid this problem just like every other office I worked with in the State Department did as well. She was also planning a wedding and if you have every been a mother-of- the bride, you would understand that you have to be able to get emails delivered in a timely manner! Many other senior government did the same but just were not as high profile for this to become the issue it became for Hillary.

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